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 Hey mama,

I know why you’re here. You’re looking to break free from being a typical 9-5’er and are ready to tap into the abundant world of entrepreneurship. Ready for time with your kids, for financial freedom and monetary abundance, and ready to step into the shoes of you are more than ready to be.

But, maybe you …

  • aren’t sure where to start

  • don’t believe it’s really possible

  • have financial or confidence blocks

  • don’t know what type of business you want to build

  • need guidance or ideas on how to launch forward

If you relate to any of the above, you’re in the right place.

Because, I can 110% related to how you feel. I knew I wanted to work from home for a very loooonnnggg time. I tried many opportunities and felt like I failed with every one. None of them were my “big break,” if you will. And, maybe you won’t find me on YouTube with my single interest that I’m uber passionate about. Because, in reality? I’m a creative at heart. I have 1,000 interests and passions and want to pursue them all.

Fact: Most millionaires have at least 7 streams of income.

So, if you’re someone with big goals and dreams, like me, you naturally find hope in the above statement. Knowing that multiple income streams bring financial abundance and freedom. That’s what keeps me launching forward with every idea that comes into my forefront. But, here’s the thing. You have to stick with your income streams. Don’t give up at the first sign of a rocky road ahead. It’s powering through, knowing you were created to bring your family a future you’re proud of. And, side note, your multiple income streams that you create can be from multiple passions or from the same passion with various ways to make money. For example, running a network marketing business with a photography business with website desgn. :ahem:: Welcome to my life! Reach out to me if you need clarification on this because with the digital world literally at our fingertips, there are ample opportunities for anyone whether your interest is in horses or handlettering. You can find income.

Below, are some of my favorite ways to bring in income as a work-at-home-mama. Some I spend more time on than others, but all have the potential to bring income to your family and freedom to your life.