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Ready to join an oil movement?

Here’s the thing. I’ve always been interested in wellness and healthy living but it wasn’t until I experienced a few heartbreaks in my life that I really got serious about sharing my passion with others.

In 1995, I was diagnosed with having too much acid in my stomach causing digestive issues. With the help of my mom, I learned how to cut out most dairy and citrus from my diet.

In 2003, I was diagnosed with IBS. Not knowing how to control my diet, I lost a whopping 40 pounds from my already thin-120-pound-5’9” frame. Relied on antacids and gave myself a kidney stone because I didn’t know any better. Yes, true story. As a 2-day-old freshman baby at the University of Florida.

In 2011, I had my first baby and experienced a whole-new level of emotions I don’t know that I was ever really prepared for. So much love mixed with some overwhelm about being a new mom. But, above all, so much passion for my tiny newborn baby love.

In 2013, my dad had a heart attack and passed away at the young age of 55.

Insert a whole new level of emotions I never dealt with, realized existed and tried to overcome the heartache that is grief. He was healthy, ran every single day and wasn’t overweight by any means. Sometimes, genetics win. And, for me, I had a hard time accepting that. Why do healthy people get sick? Well, I don’t know that I’ll ever have the right answer to that question. But, I do believe there’s a BIG God with a BIG purpose for my life. And, sometimes, it takes the heartache for us to uncover what we’re meant to be and do in this world. More on that later.

In 2014, my second baby came along. Beautiful, smart and a happy little girl, she was an easy peasy baby. Fast forward to her 2- and 3-year-old stage, and let’s just say her way of dealing with emotional overwhelm quickly labeled her as the “challenging one” at school. The label “autistic” was even thrown around by those who spent the most time with her. Knowing that she was just a deeply rooted sensitive little girl, her pediatrician agreed that maturity would be a beautiful thing for her growth. And, that, it was.

In 2018, my third baby was welcomed in to the world. Born on Father’s Day with a name meaning “a healing from God,” you can imagine the connection I feel him having with my Dad as his guardian angel. And, if I truly get spiritual on you, I needed to know my baby had angels surrounding him at all times because within the first six months of his life, he dealt with a 4-week-bout of RSV, resulting in a hospital stay and surgery to correct his urethra not fully being formed in the womb. Most recently, he was diagnosed with asthma and we are still in the midst of fine-tuning his daily maintenance and wellness plan.

On top of all that, in 2018, my oldest began having panic attacks. After going through more details at her tender age, and walking through the stages of grief with us on every single one, she began relating hospitals and death. It was a sad, scary and quite frankly, heartbreaking season for our family.

Fast forward to a mama on a mission …

I don’t share any of this to boast. Or to prove that I’ve been through hard times. Because, there are people out there who have gone, or are going through, more than I could ever imagine.

What I can share is my story.

A way to encourage you if you’re feeling stuck or hopeless or maybe even going through the same situations as me. Maybe you can relate to some of this and maybe you can relate to absolutely none of it.

Whatever the reason, you found this page of my site on purpose.

I believe in the power that is essential oils. I believe that God gave us the tools necessary to be successful in life. And, that’s just what oils are. Plant-based and pure and ready to support your body on a cellular level as you navigate through this thing called life.

But, here’s the thing.

Essential oils can be scary for some people. They’re easily misunderstood and can get caught up in the “woo-woo” that they aren’t. I say that with love because I whole-heartedly believe in modern medicine. I believe God gave us the tools to create that which is provided by doctors and hospitals alone. Modern medicine took care of my NICU baby born with respiratory distress. Modern medicine kept my dad on life support so we had the opportunity to hold his hand and kiss his forehead as he transitioned into Heaven. Modern medicine helped my baby breathe when asthma would strike.

You see, I’m not against modern medicine, by any means.

But, I am for using everything in my power to navigate my family’s health first. On my terms.

I rely on God first. His products second. Modern medicine third. There’s a balance in that.

Like I said, I don’t share my story to gain clout with you. I share my story because these oils changed the game for us. Every scenario I mentioned above? I have an oil regiment that supported our bodies through it all … every step of the way. You should know, I’m not a doctor, and of course, these oils won’t cure any of the ailments I listed above. But, they will support your body to do what it was created to do in an effort to combat the emotions, ailments and hurdles you balance every day. This also means choosing quality when it comes to your oils. I choose doTERRA essential oils because I trust the quality, the sourcing and the company. Make sure you do research before choosing the company that fits in best with your family.

With all of that being said, are you ready to join me?

You have a story to share, a life to change and a person to encourage. But, you have to be willing to make the commitment first. To yourself, to your family and to your future community. I always suggest signing up as a customer first. A test-drive, if you will. See what you like and what routine fits best for your lifestyle. From there, share the oils with those you love most. You’ll be amazed at how much people are looking for the solutions we are able to provide.

It all starts with you committing to your story and spreading what could potentially change lives.

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