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Welcome to DAP Wellness!

In September of 2017, Dynamic Athletic Performance was opened in Cape Coral, Florida, by Mike and Elizabeth Ruth. It was through our mission of growing stronger athletes and creating healthier individuals, we found that our #dapfamily needed more from us as educators and as coaches.

Empowerment to continue on a health-based and wellness journey, education to make smarter choices one decision at a time, and encouragement to keep going when the decisions become too difficult.

It was in conversations and questions that we followed a calling and created DAP Wellness as a supplement to our training and fitness programs. You can see the heart behind DAP Wellness in the text below as an open letter written to our family and friends on social media.

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Hi friends! 👋🏻

With the news of DAP Wellness opening alongside our newly renovated athletic training and fitness center here in SW Florida, we wanted to take a minute and show you the faces behind our mission and the hearts behind our reason.

Elizabeth Ruth | Essential Oils doTERRA
Elizabeth Ruth | Essential Oils doTERRA

In September 2017, my husband, Mike and I took a major leap of faith and opened the doors to Dynamic Athletic Performance. It was with a heart to grow stronger athletes and a passion to create healthier individuals, Mike found his true God-given calling with his gym.

A year later, an amazing opportunity fell in our path and through much prayer and determination, the pieces all fit together and we were able to expand our facility to double in size. More space. More equipment. More team members. And, more ways to reach our community. But, we knew in our hearts, that this opportunity came with some extra commitments in order to serve others while spreading the love of Jesus in the process.

And, if I’m really being honest here? The adventure of DAP really all started a few years ago with a monumental heartbreak ...

My dad, at the young age of 55, passed away to a heart attack in the middle of the night. To say we were shocked would be an understatement. He was healthy. He took care of himself. He ran, he exercised, he ate right. Why did it happen? It didn’t make sense. We were derailed, our family broken and our hearts forever changed.

And, what hurt the most? It was genetic. And, my family, unfortunately, is not immune to it.

But, it was through our healing process that God opened doors we didn’t even know existed at the time. And, now, here we are, just one year after Mike left his teaching and coaching careers, ready to embark on the next piece of our DAP adventure.

Through my own personal healing, through counseling and through an understanding that no matter how hard we fight, when it’s our time to join our family in Heaven, there’s nothing that can step in the way to prevent it, that the pillars of DAP Wellness were created.

While there’s no modern medicine, no amount of prayers, no begging and no pleading that will change our lives’ outcomes, there are daily choices we can make that allow us to enjoy the time we have with each other and create our bodies to run as healthily as possible, because truly, there’s never a promise for tomorrow.

Health is important. 
Wellness is important. 
Taking care of yourself is important. 
Being the best you is important.

But, is it important enough to make a lifestyle change? To become something you always wanted to be? So that you can leave a legacy to your children and train them up to live a life that’s powerful and meaningful?

It starts with knowing your why.

And, these three right here?

They’re our why.

We want them to know what resources are available to each of them. How to take care of themselves and how to make healthy choices. How to live as natural as possible in a fast-paced and convenience-driven world.

Because, honestly, don’t let me kid you...

My kids know Chick-fil-A. 
And, they enjoy a bowl of Fruit Loops every now and then.

Sometimes, I think it’s important that they are exposed to the good and the bad so they know how to make the right choices later.

Because, let’s face it. There are days where convenience wins. Especially as a mom of three.

But, at the end of the day, my kids know how to use oils before bed to support their sleep and they know that we focus on exercise and we implement healthy living most of the time in our household.

And, that’s where the heart of DAP Wellness comes in.

Providing wellness education so that you, too, can encourage your family to make the right choices. And, how to introduce wellness living slowly, but surely.

Because, it’s not about getting everything perfect right out of the gate.

It’s about learning as you go and creating an environment for your family that is launching them forward into a society that is all about fast-paced living and convenience lifestyles.

We’re teaching our family to stop and smell the roses. To embrace the powerful and natural way of living that comes from God alone.

And, we’re making mistakes in the process.

But, through DAP Wellness, we are creating a community that supports each other, encourages each other and links arms with each other.

To educate on living a best life. 
Healthy and naturally.

One decision at a time.

Will you join us?