The Coach Gets Coached

The coach gets coached, too! 💥💪🏻

Every month, we meet at our little dining room-turned office with our business coach to talk about our wins, our goals and even some struggles. It was, hands-down, the absolute best investment we could’ve made into our future back in December.

We couldn’t afford it when we started our coaching program and quite frankly, I had to convince my husband that it would help us create a solid foundation for our dreams. I wasn’t even sure I believed it myself, but we had just sold our house and were up against a wall with only a few options left for growing a successful business. It was sink or swim time, baby! And, with goals like ours, I knew we couldn’t do it alone.

So, once again, we had a decision to make. Should we trust the company and coach put in our path? Should we take a chance on us and focus on creating a future that will not only help our local community but our kids’ futures as well? Yep and yep again.

If there’s anything we’ve learned in this process, it’s that you can create a lifestyle you’ve once only dreamed of by committing and trusting. That’s really what it comes down to. The hard work will follow. The answers will unfold and the perfect opportunities will show up when you least expect them to.

It hasn’t been easy, by any means, but definitely exciting as we start to see a light at the end of the “business start-up” tunnel. We hit a few of our Quarter 2 goals this week, before our deadline of the end of June and, that, my friends, is such a big hurdle for us. Today, for the first time since opening 2 years ago, we talked about growth strategies instead of “keep our doors open” strategies. 🙌🏻😭


I don’t share this to boast, but more, to encourage. We started from the bottom - with a small following a few times a week in a park. We worked long, hard hours and still have much effort to put in now as we begin to gain momentum. And, above all, when God gave us the opportunity for the next step, each and every one, we jumped.

Please know, from the bottom of my heart, I share only to say - if we can do it, you can, too. And if you know me? You’ll know I mean that with all sincerity. If you have a dream to run a business or a goal to run a marathon, please reach out to us. We would love to encourage you along the way.

We are SO grateful for all of the hurdles (maybe not so much then, but definitely now!), all of the support from our family and friends, all of the people we met, and continue to meet, along the way, our coach encouraging us to keep going and reminding us to stay strong in our gratitude and vision ... and most importantly?

We love our #dapfamily. 🧡🖤 Without a doubt. They’re who brought us here. They’re who we lean on and who we look to. They’re what created DAP. And, we are forever and ever grateful for what they see in us. 💪🏻

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