A Father's Day to Remember

In 2013, I thought Father’s Day would never be the same. Having just lost my Dad a month prior, it was one of the hardest days to get through in my grieving. Fast forward to last year and my little guy came into the world fast and furious on Father’s Day morning. He was quite the surprise and the best gift for Mike. Not knowing it at the time, we later found out that Jace Michael means “a healing from God.”

And what a healing this little boy is! 💙😇

Today, there wasn’t time for tears. But rather, we focused on all things presents and dinner and birthday cake. It was the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day and our Jacey Buddy.

Even 6 years later, I miss my dad with every ounce of my being. But, in my heart, I know Jace was sent to me for a specific healing. One that God knew I needed before I even knew myself.


So, today, we celebrate all of the men in my life. My husband, who I couldn’t do this life without. My partner, my main guy and our kids’ greatest hero, I love you and am grateful for the life we are building together. My Uncle Jeff for filling a void as much as he possibly can. For stepping into the shoes as our special Uncle Chip. Who gives the best tall hugs and reminds me of stories when I least expect them. Like my dad in the kitchen sink at a year old. 🥰 And to our Pa Rick for being the best Grandpa we could ever ask for. Who loves our kids for two Grandpas and calls to tell me he’s proud when I need to hear it most. We are all so lucky to have you. ❤️

I’ll never not ever forget my Daddy on Father’s Day. But, what a fun change up to have such a special reason to celebrate today. 🥰💙

On to the official birthday celebration tomorrow as my baby moves to all things  🎉

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