A Piece of Paper Worth Framing

A year ago.

Ready for summer, large and in charge, and exhausted from all things yearbook delivery and end of the year festivities, I was anxiously awaiting my little guy’s arrival. 💙 After a whirlwind summer and a quick 6-week maternity leave, I was back teaching in August, much sooner than my mom-heart had hoped for. I dropped my guy off at day care with the most loving extended family I could’ve ever asked for and trusted that God would continue leading us even when I felt so sad. Later dealing with an incredibly rough bout of RSV and a hospital stay, I remember rocking Jace in his nursery and crying about not being able to stay home with him. Not having the option to just be home and care for him (and the girls) when I knew they needed me most. Knowing that my family needed my income and insurance to keep us afloat, I was out of options and out of paid time off.

Then came surgery for Jace in December and my Madison began dealing with an incredibly anxious heart and spent much time learning how to cope with big kid emotions. Leading to anxiety attacks where Mike had to hold her and rock her just to stop the shaking in the middle of the night. They were awful. 💔 And Avery? Well, she needed some extra loving too as she adjusted to being a big sister. It was one of the most trying times in our life - for our family, for our marriage, for our business. But we pushed forward, trusting we were being led in the most perfect way.

Dealing with crazy medical bills and still trying to survive on my income alone, we sold our house for a full price offer in less than 24 hours and moved to a rental home down the street. I will never doubt God’s hand in that process. We could’ve quit. We could’ve decided to not keep pushing. We could’ve closed the doors and Mike could’ve gone back to work. But, we didn’t give up. Through the trials, the questioning, the late nights without sleep and more emotions than I could ever begin to explain in just a Facebook post... we kept going.

Day in and day out. Moment by moment.

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And, yesterday, I was given the “official” that I’ll be going to part time teaching next year. The moment I cried and prayed for day after day was given to me on a small slip of blue paper in an instant yesterday afternoon. And the gratitude I don’t think I could ever express enough, came pouring through the tears. I was given an opportunity I will never be able to thank my principal enough for.

Time to join ranks with my guy as he continues to expand and time to keep doing what my heart loves - teaching photography and yearbook and having the flexibility I once craved for my babies. While I don’t know that every decision doesn’t come with its own set of fears, after the year we’ve had, I can say with confidence, we have the best circle of people we could’ve ever asked for. People who love us and support our every move - whether it’s understood or not. We have people who care about our family and that’s something I will never take for granted again.

And above all, I can say without a doubt, when you set your mind to something, you can do it. Achieve it. Believe it. And know that it’s right where you’re meant to be. Because our God? He’s so good. So, very, very good. We won’t fail. We can’t fail. Because I’ve seen hard times and I’ve seen good times. And every time? God sends a wink to your heart in the exact moment you need it - through a person, through a hug or even just a sign. He’s always there. Ready for you to lean on. To remind you just how loved you are, how capable you are and how much He cares. He’s just so good. ❤️ All the time. Here’s to our next adventure 🥰

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