I love the spring!  And, March, brought all kinds of spring right along with it.  From Easter sessions to pool playdates, the Ruth family kept busy enjoying the weather and the holiday activities.  This month, we met with some friends of ours and really fine-tuned the goals that we are anticipating for Dynamic Athletic Performance, Elizabeth Ruth Photography and Elizabeth Ruth Education.  It was such a freeing task to get organized and motivated to move forward in our heart's biggest pulls.  


March was the month of motivation for us.  With Baby Ruth due in just a short time, it was a refreshing reminder of why we are working hard and moving forward. 


Inspired by Amy Hale (@amyhale) on Instagram, I fell in love with her monthly current posts.  Tweaked and adapted to fit me, I am excited to have a systematic way to track my growth.


Every month, I plan to answer the same questions and keep track of my walk in faith, motherhood and entrepreneurship.


Without further adieu, this is ALL ABOUT ME for the month of March 2018 ... 

BLOG POST What I am Currently March 2018 | Elizabeth Ruth Photography + Education.png


Personal:  Still looking ...
Spiritual:  "100 Days to Brave" by Annie F. Downs
Educational:  "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert



SeneGence Training Sessions with Bri Curzio


Listening to:

"Breath Back" by Amanda Cook



Refreshed on marketing plans for DAP - all events are scheduled and ready to organize
Organized Asana lists for DAP - specific workflows for every event we're hosting
Motivated to keep up with blogging and creating Photoshop education courses


Thanking God for:

Good friends and company in business
Entrepreneurial mindset shifts


Inspired By:

Bri Curzio



Make-up training techniques with SeneGence
Creating specific Asana workflows


Working On:

Organizing Asana for Mike
Creating a Blogging schedule for DAP
Organizing all DAP events for 2018


My Kids:

Madison enjoys her spring break working out with Daddy at the gym and helping Mom organize the baby's nursery
Madison helping pick out nursery decor for the baby's bedroom.

Avery loves to go to the playground and go swimming.
Avery learning how to change a baby's diaper by practicing on her baby doll.


My Husband:

Dynamic Athletic Performance - organizing a Memorial Meltdown challenge for our clients
Working hard in Arcadia helping his grandparents with yard work - sometimes twice a week!


Who I'm Praying For:

Mike as he works hard prepping the nursery furniture and working on growing DAP
Teachers enjoying the relaxation of spring break


Favorite Verse:

"That's what I'm working for.  I work hard with all of Christ's strength.  His strength works powerfully in me." || Colossians 1:1-29