WHAT I AM CURRENTLY: February 2018

The month of February brings so many changes ... changes in the weather heading towards beautiful spring colors, a focus on all things love, and we're in the thick of the school year with no break in the near future.  We've had a ton of fun this month as we celebrated a family trip to Disney, enjoyed the beautiful weather with some 5k races and spent some much needed time at our community pool.


I'm loving all the energy this month.  Baby's room is being finalized and we're moving fast and furious towards celebrating with spring break in March and a baby shower in April.  I have so many plans for the next few months and am sure they'll fly by faster than I anticipate.


Stay tuned for the Spring ... they're sure to be filled with Baby Ruth Family Fun!


Inspired by Amy Hale (@amyhale) on Instagram, I fell in love with her monthly current posts.  Tweaked and adapted to fit me, I am excited to have a systematic way to track my growth.


Every month, I plan to answer the same questions and keep track of my walk in faith, motherhood and entrepreneurship.


Without further adieu, this is ALL ABOUT ME for the month of February 2018 ... 

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Personal:  I'm sad to say, I still haven't found a book to stick with and have a feeling I won't until summer break gets here... stay tuned ;-) 
Spiritual:  "100 Days to Brave" by Annie F. Downs
Educational:  "You Are a Badass at Making Money" by Jen Sincero"



Tara Lesher Photoshop Tutorials


Listening to:

"There is a Cloud" by Elevation Worship



Energetic and focused on moving towards Spring Break
Relaxed after a weekend at Disney with family
Encouraged to spend more time with my girls while we have a quieter schedule this month


Thanking God for:

Safe travels for my sister from Texas
Healthy baby at our ultrasound appointment


Inspired By:

Shanda Sumpter



How to create Lightroom Actions
Perfecting my Photography Workflow

Working On:

Blogging Schedule
Maintaining weekly #bumpdates


My Kids:

Madison finished her first Disney 5k!  
Madison reading up a storm and hitting her AR points goal!

Avery loves dressing herself and proudly puts outfits together that don't match.
Avery knows her first Bible verse:  Genesis 1:1:  and recites it to anyone willing to listen.


My Husband:

Dynamic Athletic Performance - slower month of February but rent is paid and we're moving closer to the Spring Break weight loss challenges.
Continuing to plan out goals for DAP's growth - marketing and events schedule in place.


Who I'm Praying For:

Parkwood shooting victims on Valentine's Day
My energy to continue while getting through one of the hardest seasons of the school year.


Favorite Verse:

"Strengthen your brothers.  Encourage one another." || 1 Peter 5:9