100 DAYS TO BRAVE: Why Be Brave?

Inspired by Annie F. Downs devotional "100 Days to Brave," I fell in love with her journaling prompts and questions leading to growth and the commitment of escaping a comfort zone to bring about a better life for not only myself, but for those around me.  I searched and searched for a devotional to start my 2018 with a bang but couldn't find the "perfect" one.  Until, I found Annie Downs' book while walking the aisles of Target one Saturday afternoon.  Tweaked and adapted to fit me, I am excited to have a systematic way to track my growth over the next 100 days.  Join me as I follow Annie's journaling prompts along the way ... 


Day 2:  Why Be Brave?


In the world of social media, it's easy to get caught-up in watching what others are doing.  What they're posting, sharing and commenting.  It's easy to wonder how their life seems so perfect when yours seems ... well, NOT.


You haven't showered yet.
No make-up on.
You have lots of things to do, but no plans to actually do them.
Heck, you're still in your pajamas with a cup of coffee in your hand because you just don't feel like adulting today.


You start to peruse Facebook and begin wondering why you can't seem to step up to the plate and tackle the monsterous to-do list you've been dreading all morning.


And, there it is ... another post by your friend ... the one who just makes you stop and stare each and every time.


The one who is perfectly put-together and makes life look so easy.  The friend who is always happy, always on-top of her game and always sharing the ways her life is wonderful.  She has the family, the career, the looks, the --- and the --- and the ---.  The list can really go on and on if you let it.


You secretly wonder why you can't have the life she's sharing.


Why can't you get be motivated like her?
Why can't you get clear on what you really want in life?
Why can't you share your beauty with the world?
Why can't you get over the fact that she's living a life you've only dreamed of?


#truthbomb:  she's brave and you're not.


Well, that's no fun to read.


But, really.  Hear me out.  She's sharing her world with those ready to see it.  She's putting confidence in the forefront and she's casting all fears aside.  She's leaning in to the One who created her and focused on the blessings He's ready to share.  


And, all she had to do was trust the small whispers of encouragement and step up to the plate.  No matter what the scenario was ... career, healthy living, parenting style, stay-at-home mom, etc.  It took her stepping up and stepping out of her comfort zone to put herself out there in a way that is seemingly perfect.  To you, of course.


But, the reality?


It's not perfect.


She's not perfect.


What she is?  Is brave.


She chose to be brave so people would see her as living a life of value.  One that makes all shadows of doubt disappear.  She chose to press in so that people not living in the light or not living out their most precious dreams could be encouraged.


She did it.


Why can't you?


Here's the thing about being brave.  It takes seeing someone who is brave to actually motivate yourself to follow suite.  You see the potential outcome.  You daydream about living a similar lifestyle.  You wonder how you can do the same and what it would take to get there.


But, you never actually do it.


Because you stop before you even get started.


You let fear take control and the bravery to take a back-burner by sitting in your pajamas and drinking coffee all day.


We were made for bravery.


We were made to show the world that bravery comes with taking leaps of faith.  Leaps that lead you to beautiful green pastures and the sweet scent of peace with every step you take.  Bravery is what gets you there.  Showing the world you're brave face.  Accepting the challenge to be brave and not giving up until you, yourself, can see the beauty that was the climb.


People are watching you.


Will you be brave and step up?


Or sit in fear and surrender to jealousy?


The choice is yours.  The choice to be brave.