Baby Ruth is a ...

Now that the initial shock is starting to wear off, I am overjoyed to know that our newest little addition is officially a BOY! 👶🏼💙

To say I was surprised would be an understatement of the year. If you saw our gender reveal video, well, then you know what I'm talking about. 😂 I'm a girl mom, through and through, so all things dinosaurs and trucks and stripes are a whole new world I'm anxious to get to know. 

Our girls are our world. They are wonderful and beautiful and kind-hearted and Mike and I would've loved adding another bundle of pink to our clan. But, on the flip side, having a son is changing it up for us and bringing about a whole new dynamic to our family. We know that he is the perfect addition to our growing family. God had this baby picked from the beginning and we are so excited to watch him grow and see the plan for our son unfold (omg, did I just say son?!).

I wanted to thank you all for the beautiful congratulations comments, texts, phone calls and even gifts! I can't even begin to express my gratitude in knowing this baby will have so many people to love on him and help him grow. 

I had so many questions and comments about the details of our gender reveal and I wanted to share the story behind it. I have to say, it was a complete surprise to us!! We went to my 16-week appointment thinking they would try to find out the sex with the ultrasound and I had no idea the surprise they planned for us behind-the-scenes. We are forever grateful for the "big production" as Mike called it to our nurse because I will never forget that moment of seeing blue tissue paper for the first time.  

It was honestly one of the best surprises I've ever had.

Elizabeth Ruth Photography and Education.jpg

My midwife has genuinely become a second mom to me over the last few years. Caring for me and delivering both girls, she's helped me transition into motherhood like a champ. And, above all, walked me through my grieving journey every step of the way, even 4 years later. I'll never forget sitting with her and telling her about my dad's heart attack just a few short weeks after. Since then, she's been one of my rocks, heard me talk through the hardest points of grief and hugged and loved me through it all. Literally, she's gone above and beyond her duties as not only my medical "guru" but as my friend. I'd be utterly lost without her. 😍

This baby wasn't planned. Talked about as a "maybe" in the future, yes. But, to receive a positive pregnancy test within a week of opening DAP's doors wasn't exactly in "our" blueprint. It took me a few weeks to adjust to the idea of being pregnant and I consistently had to remind myself that God doesn't make mistakes and that this baby is perfectly timed, even when I questioned it.

My midwife knew the inner workings of my heart, knew my thoughts and fears of this being a really inconvenient time for a baby and reminded me over and over again, that everything would be just as it should. Side note, she knew from the beginning our hearts' desires were to, someday, have a son. A piece she truly understood as she is also a mom of 2 girls first and then a boy. 💖💖💙

A son to carry on my husband's last name and a son to be another "main guy" in my world to help fill the gaping hole left from my Dad earning his wings. Another daughter would've been icing to our girl-filled home. But, to now have a son, well there is so much more meaning to adding this baby to our family than I could ever begin to explain.

So, long story not short, to have my midwife's hand in our gender reveal surprise was nothing less than special. Exciting and meaningful and full circle. All at the same time. She brought forth the excitement I was craving to be able to enjoy this pregnancy, revel in the miracle of life and truly know that this is the most perfect time to bring our baby into the world. 

To wrap up my serious "boy shock," I know that there is such a great testimony behind this baby's birth. A great story to tell. A powerful person who will one day spread his wings to be bold and stand firm in his faith. And, now that I can picture him, just a little, I'm becoming more and more excited about him coming in June. For me, there's such a connection that happens in knowing boy/girl before-hand. 

2017 was a year of testing for us. 

A new career, a category 5 hurricane, living on one income while we grow DAP, a new pregnancy... Each one requiring us to put aside our fears, step into our faith and trust in the process. If there's one thing I've learned through it all, it is that there will always be a miracle in the challenge.

But, to see the miracle, you have to open your eyes to the beauty that is the process. 

Sometimes, it's hindsight, and sometimes it won't come until you're ready to see it ...

But, there is always something beautiful to come.