Welcome to My Story

Almost 4 years ago, I set out on a mission ...

A mission to aide my grieving heart. 
A mission to document my growing babies. 
A mission to follow my inner creativity. 
A mission to find a solution to my never-ending stomach troubles. 
A mission to share my view on life being short with those willing to listen.

I didn't know when or how or why I would achieve that mission. But, it was clear.

Elizabeth Ruth Blog 2.jpg

What I didn't know is how much I would grow in such a short period of time ... the start of my mission ...

Growing in my faith. 
Growing in my photography. 
Growing in my entrepreneurship skills. 
Growing in my passion to encourage Moms to do the same. 
Growing in my never-ending love for my family.

And, through many trials and errors and questioning my ultimate goal, I found that writing, for me, is essential to my mission.

To share my story ... all of it ... my achievements, my passion, my days of doubt and my challenges.

Because, what's the point of being given a voice if I'm not going to use it?

I've slowly posted my stories to my blog over the last few years, but never felt that it was the right time to keep up with it on a consistent basis.  I tried a few different systems, but found myself preoccupied and unmotivated to maintain them.  I was encouraged (once again) a few weeks ago, by those keeping up with my story. My words. My doubts. My fears. My accomplishments. That it was time to write consistently.  Maybe a book. A frequent blog. A published journal.

Something, anything to put my thoughts to words for others to read.

And, every time that's happened over the last few years, it stayed on my mind. Day after day. Over and over again.

But, being the busy mom I am, it stayed a thought until the next time I was reminded with a not-so-gentle heart-tug.

That's how you know you're being led to make the next move on your path. 🙏🏻

After much prayer and a series of doubts, I'm finally giving in to the heart tug that has been hanging around for the last 4 years...

🌟My 2018 goal, if you will.🌟

To share my heart in a place that's "quick and easy" for me to maintain. A place that has "me" written all over it. (pun intended 😉) A place for those who want to keep reading my rambling life lesson posts. 😆

The thing is, we all have a story to tell. One that's powerful and heartbreaking and encouraging and beautiful all at the same time. One that's appreciated and valued. One that's worth sharing.

My story?

Well, you'll find it here. One day at a time.

My heart on the many topics I find valuable and influential and have been essential in working towards my mission.

My story that not only creates marks on the hearts of those around me ... but, marks on my own heart, too.

I'm honored to share my story with you. 💖