Hi, friend!

Welcome to my online family!  I'm glad you are here.  I'm Elizabeth and straight up, you need to know I have a big dream. One that changes lives in multiple ways. It’s a dream I’ve had on my heart for an incredibly long time. Ready to hear it?

I believe that moms like you, and me, are here for a purpose. And that purpose is to not only raise our families to be big dreamers, but also with the mindset of being freedom-focused. Freedom to step forward in their health and their finances. Freedom to create from the heart and share their voice with the world. Freedom to realize they don’t have to feel sick all the time, or tired and without energy, or even in pain. Freedom to be who they were created to be from the very beginning. My goal is to encourage you to embody the mindset that freedom is always available. In every sense of the word.

Through my site, you'll find my pursuit.  My pursuit to this freedom mentality through my teachings, my photographs, my business ownership and my life.  Encouraging, meaningful and genuine stories written from my heart with an effort to increase your confidence to finally take the leap you long for, to attain the freedom you crave, and embody all that this beautiful life has to offer. Even when you think it's not possible.

I'm here to tell you it is possible.
And you're possible.
All you have to do is say YES!

While I'm not living out my dream behind the camera or typing up my pursuit to freedom stories, I can usually be found with a book on the beach or running while listening to my favorite soul-soothing music. There’s power in finding peace and I am excited to share my journey with you.

What can you get from me?

  • Education on living a healthy-focused lifestyle

  • Encouragement to build a business bigger than you ever thought possible

  • Creating a visual impact for your story - from web design to social media management

  • Developing a laid-out business marketing strategy to support your every vision of a blooming business

If there’s one thing I want you to walk away with today, it is the reminder that you are incredibly special. You are meant for more. Your family is meant for more. You are meant to share your story. Encourage someone, help someone make uncomfortable changes to their health and mental state. You have so much power behind what your heart is longing to share. Don’t focus on the details or overwhelm that comes with all of the “to-do’s” you’ll need to complete to get there. Allow me to do that for you. Your job? Be who you were created to be and start sharing your story that has the power to change lives. It’s a magical mission to stand behind and I’m excited to see you shine.

Thank you for being here.  I hope you'll stay awhile.

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